Learn With Me

Who Can Learn?

I aim to make every experience as inclusive as possible. The venues I use are accessible for most, and if there is anything I can do to make the workshops more accessible to you and yours please get in contact.

All people are welcome, always!

Past Workshops

2021 Kimberley Arts Network, “Stitching and Petal Pouch Creation”, Broome WA

2021 Kimberley Arts Network, “Introduction to Natural Dyes”, Broome WA

2021 DADAA Ltd Fair Isle, “Natural Dyeing (private artists)”, Fremantle WA

2021 DADAA Ltd Fair Isle, “Natural Dyeing (public)”, Fremantle WA

2020 Open Hands Creative, “Eco Dyeing” hosted on a bimonthly basis, Booragoon WA

2020 City of South Perth Evolve, “Introduction to Natural Dyeing”, Manning WA

2020 City of South Perth Evolve, “Hand Sewing with Naturally Dyed Fabric”, Manning WA

2020 Spaced 4: Rural Utopias, “Intro to Natural Dyeing”, Pingelly WA

Upcoming Workshops

Broome Community Recovery Centre x Done By D

A slow-making natural dye and patchwork quilting programme crafted in conjunction with the Broome Recovery Centre. Based on the existing craft groups goals, this group of workshops revolves around developing confidence in natural dye techniques; extending creative practices; and the organisation and presentation of designs, experiments and outcomes.

Keep an eye out for the work we produce between now and mid September. This programme runs over 5 weeks for the private Women's Art Group in Broome.

Open Hands Creative X Done By D

In this workshop you will learn the slow art of Eco Dyeing. We invite you to explore a range of techniques using natural materials like native flora and kitchen scraps. Learn about pot dyeing, solar dyeing, and floral print dyeing.


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