Scraps! Quilt Series

The Vision

I reduce and reuse my own waste by repurposing the offcuts of commissioned projects into this bunch of quilted joy.

The quilts below are my efforts to reduce my impact on the environment. 

Some clothes I was going to chuck out

Custom project - improvised piecing of the scraps mixed with cottons

The final result! Scrap Series is all about giving new life to old textiles

The beginning of Purple Scraps was a beautiful purple dream, commissioned for a Mother's Day gift.

Using the leftovers and some extra scraps from around the place

Swooning at this combo

The synthetic pink is from a fancy top with broken straps

An old table cloth, corduroy, and miscellaneous naturally dyed scraps puzzled together

The delicate stitching against the masculine cord makes me VERY happy 

Quilted, and bound in mis-matched scraps too. Start to finish waste-minimalisation

Using my favourite techniques to compose and sew each beauty.

The other half of the original - a Diver Below flag quilt commissioned years ago. The blues sat in my stash patiently until it was their time to shine again.

The back is scraps too! Leftover corduroy (which you will find on the CALLUM quilt).

Stoked with the final product - minimal waste, maximum baddy

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