Honest Crafts

The Done By D Ethos

My vision is to take quilts out of the "grandma" realm and thrust them into a space for all people, every day, for anything!

Mindful production, minimal waste, and complete transparency.

Who is D? (me, duh)

I am a Perth based emerging artist working primarily in textile dye, patchwork, and quilting specialising in improvised piecing and experimental work. My current focus is on enhancing my practice to be experienced in ways that transcend exclusive art spaces. I aim to engage a multitude of sensory interactions so that my work can be experienced by a plurality of audiences, welcoming alternate capabilities. My art practice actively invites audiences to participate in craft practices and I am dedicated to using art through crafts as methods to engage environmental issues.


Done By D is the platform on which I share my creative practices. My values shape my craft, and the products available for you to get your cute little hands on!

Below you'll find my core values, and how Done By D embodies them every day.

An inclusive platform for learning, sharing, creating, and chin-wagging.


I acknowledge the land on which I live and create, Noongar Whadjuk Boodja. I pay my respects to elders past, present, and emerging.

Paramount to my creative practice is respect. Respect for the land, respect for myself, and respect for the global community.

I follow a "leave no trace" mentality when foraging for native flora. I only collect from private property with permission, and only ever use barks, seed pods (after flowers bloom), or remnants from tree-trimming or overgrown plants' hair cuts.

I respect all individuals and the lives they lead. For individuals with alternate abilities I endeavour to make my practices and products as accessible as possible.

I owe the Earth and the global community enormous respect. I endeavour to live and craft consciously, and with as little negative impact as possible.


One of my most important values is honesty. In my personal and professional life, I endeavour to live honestly and transparently. So much so, I often get in trouble for speaking my mind too unapologetically whoops.


Whether I am empowering others by teaching them new skills, or empowering myself by successfully building a one-woman-show business, I strive to help others live in strength. 

A fiercely independent maker sharing crafts to inspire others. 


All people are welcome, always.

I endeavour to share my creative practice beyond the traditional realm of ability-orientated art spaces.

Knowledge and Learning

Crucial to my practice is autodidactic learning, sharing knowledge, and inviting everyone to engage in a range of crafting techniques. 

Sustainability and Ethics

I don't green-wash. I hand-craft every product you see on this website. If I were to do a "meet the team" page, you would just be scrolling through a bunch of pictures of me. 

My path to natural dye was fuelled by my yearning to limit the chemical and material waste I am responsible for. I only use soy milk or a homemade rusty iron solution for binding agents. All of the old dye baths go into my garden once they're cool enough, and I use every scrap of fabric I possibly can.

I source my fabrics from FERN Textiles in Melbourne, a conscious collective of textile traders. I endeavour to only use unbleached linen and cottons, limiting my contribution to toxic waste. I hope to leave cotton behind one day (due to it's massive water wastage) but for now it is the most affordable and quilt-able option for me. Each mill has above-standard living and working conditions, and are routinely visited by FERN to ensure no human lives are at risk, just so I can have fabric to make with.

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